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Atal Incubation centre at Goa Institute of Management(AIC-GIM Foundation), a Goa-based sector agnostic Startup Incubator, in partnership with WazirX, the country’s largest crypto exchange, and web 3.0 incubator Buidlers Tribe today launched a Blockchain Accelerator Program for Indian blockchain developers.

The program will be conducted at Atal Incubation Center (AIC), Goa Institute of Management (GIM), starting 15th April 2022, with the capacity of up to 40 developers. Further admissions will be made based on slots available. The application forms will be made available at

Goa is a popular urban state with the country’s highest per-capita GDP as per the Economic Survey of Delhi 2021-22. It has also witnessed an influx of professionals and entrepreneurs working remotely. These factors make Goa an attractive hub for incubating the next generation of successful Web3 startups. According to a NASSCOM and WazirX report, blockchain and other Web3-related fields will create 800,000 jobs by 2030.

“India has been a trailblazer when it comes to anything Web3. We have the largest blockchain developer ecosystem in the world and this puts us at an inflection point on a global stage. Internationally, our work is already being recognised for the contribution that it is making to the Web3 ecosystem. The Blockchain park in Goa aims to leverage these opportunities and equip deep-tech blockchain startups with technical know-how, accreditation, and policy support from the government. We want to provide such training to more Web3 enthusiasts and pioneers across the country in coming months,” said Pareen Lathia, co-founder, Buidlers Tribe.

Commenting on the program, Rajesh Joshi, CEO, Atal Incubation Centre, GIM, said, “The blockchain accelerator program in Goa will provide developers with infrastructure and technical skills. This program will catalyze the establishment of a best-in-class and holistic training ecosystem. Our long-term vision is to provide an impetus to our state economy and create jobs. Entrepreneurs who are exploring blockchain-based solutions will no longer have to leave the state to pursue their dreams”.

Emphasizing the necessity of such initiatives, Aritra Sarkhel, Director – Public Policy, Government Affairs, WazirX, said, “Creating a robust blockchain and web3 environment for startups is critical in India.This will help India lead the web3 industry in the next few years which also means job opportunities, revenue generation.”

“The objective is to make Goa a model state when it comes to anything blockchain. We want to offer world-class training, equipment, and market access to our country’s talent so that they can make it in India and provide innovative solutions globally”, he added.

WazirX and Buidlers Tribe have identified investors to support the initiative with a dedicated capital pool throughout the program.

For a successful program outcome, the AIC GIM will assist with the required regulatory framework and policy support; Buidlers Tribe will drive the accelerator program and provide ecosystem support, training, mentorship and go-to-market support for impactful solutions. WazirX will aid entrepreneurs to identify the value drivers of these innovative technologies and give them the practical understanding to build solutions. It will also ensure the evolution of policy measures and the creation of a policy framework for accelerating the growth of the start-ups and the Blockchain ecosystem

Applications are open to recent graduates, startups, and blockchain developers.