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On the occasion of ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ VMSIIHE student, Meurel Beverly Viegas participated & bagged 1st place in ‘EXPRESSIONS’- A Short Video Competition organized by Vidya Vikas Mandal’s G.R. Kare College of Law’s.

The theme for the same was ‘Freedom from Gender-Based Violence’ and students from High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools, and Colleges across the state of Goa were called to participate and express their views with respect to the above theme.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful; when the whole universe says nothing, even a whisper becomes an expression.” Meurel manifested her panorama about the difficulties an educated girl could outreach knowing that women are so much stronger than their fears and what the society has labeled them to be.

She also stated the innumerable detrimental activities and rejections that women encounter in every walk of life because of their gender and how significant it is for women to believe in themselves and comprehend the importance of shattering glass ceilings more than worrying about fitting into glass slippers.

“Let us teach our boys the true meaning of equality and of respect so that when they grow up, Gender Equality becomes a natural way of life.”

The participants were judged by Ms. Auda Viegas (President of Bailancho Ekvott) and Ms. Anwesha Singbal (Lawyer, Author, and Academician).