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Exemplifying its one-of-a-kind stride in the league of culinary pursuits, the prestigious V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE), Goa,  has announced the initiation of an internationally sound, highly personalised, and actively hands-on program – the B.Sc. Culinary Arts. The incredibly immersive and practically oriented three-year degree program is set to commence with much gusto from August 2022.

“This B.Sc. course synthesizes in-depth exposure to diverse cuisines and gastronomic intricacies with state-of-the-art amenities and support services, striving to enable students to establish and evolve their very own culinary concept. With a robust emphasis on developing managerial and entrepreneurial skills, students will also find incentive in honing their communication, problem-solving, time management, and teamwork capacities”, explained Prof Irfan Mirza, Director/Principal of the institute.  

The curriculum offers strong skilled based modules and management experience with all the elements of Food Production and Food Beverage & Service operations. An internship of six months at starred hotels in India has to be undertaken as a part of this program. 

Explained Chef Sebastian Breitinger, Professor of Culinary Arts at VMSIIHE, “From learning how to source and select the choicest of ingredients and kitchen products to exploring and mastering the myriads of methods in cooking, this course is customized to appeal to the zeal of every culinary connoisseur in the making.  

What makes this program so immensely inviting is the carefully crafted curriculum which includes the philosophy of the slow food movement, molecular gastronomy, plating techniques, culinary photography and more. 

Spanning across six semesters, this program has a total of 142 credits; on the culmination of which, a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Arts from the Goa University will be awarded to the students.

Besides rigour in the course content and placement priorities through this program, the quintessential VMSIIHE experience offers flamboyant recreational opportunities along with hostel facilities. Moreover, a congenial eligibility criteria coupled with a hassle-free academic environment culminates in a truly wholesome experience.

Addressing the multifaceted nature of this course, Prof. Mirza ascertains that it meets the aspirational needs of ambitious students seeking to make it big in the realm of hospitality. With ultra-modern training kitchens and professional internships at renowned hotels and MNCs, students will stand to gain the best of both worlds.

“With hospitality intensely ingrained in the Goan soil, such an opportunity; right in the heart of India, is an unparalleled, exceptional, and exciting prospect,” adds Prof. Mirza.

A fantastic fusion of academia and industry, customary and contemporary, this program presents an avant-garde approach to the tried and tested patterns, thereby permitting it to become one of its kind.