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Risotto, which is a northern Italian dish, is typically served as a main course. It is cooked along with a broth that is usually derived from meat, fish, or vegetables to a creamy texture.

200 g Rice (Arborio)  
400 ml Stock  
60 ml White wine  
50 g Butter  
100 g Parmesan cheese  
60 g Onions  
10 g Salt  
200 g Mushrooms (optional)  



Sweat the onions on a low flame in a little butter until transparent.

Add the rice and cook a bit more.

Add the wine and continue stirring until consumed. Simultaneously bring the stock to boil.

Always add a little liquid into the cooking rice and continue stirring until consumed. Cook until the rice is “al dente”.

Finally, add butter and cheese and serve immediately.

If using mushrooms, sautee lightly and add to the risotto.