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On the eve of the first death anniversary of former Union Defence Minister, former Chief Minister of Goa, late Manohar Parrikar, Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition of the first biography of the revered politician. Titled An Extraordinary Life: A biography of Manohar Parrikar, written by veteran journalists Sadguru Patil and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, this book will be published in April 2020 under the Ebury Press imprint of Penguin Random House. Ebury Press is one of the country’s most successful imprints dedicated to discovering, publishing and building the best voices in popular fiction and non-fiction. It is now available for pre-order on e-commerce websites.

Pegged as a ‘Zero-to Hero’ story, this is the story of the man who changed the way mainstream India looked at Goa and the political goings-on in India’s smallest state. Manohar Parrikar came from a humble background and rose to become one of the most sought after leaders of Goa, where he undertook the role of chief minister four times. A nuanced and sensitive narration of the life and times of Manohar Parrikar, this book will be an insightful and captivating read, complete with the informed voices of his relatives, friends, foes, bureaucrats and IIT contemporaries. The authors, Sadguru Patil and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, have written and interviewed the politician many times over the course of their careers, closely followed his rise in politics and witnessed the many battles he had to undergo in his life.

‘Manohar Parrikar was a towering personality, who defined an era in Goa’s politics, after the turbulent 1990s which produced 13 chief ministers in a decade’ says co-author Sadguru Patil. He adds, ‘A four-time Chief Minister and Defence Minister, he had the talent, intellect and the drive to achieve, perhaps even more’.

Commenting on the book, Mayabhushan Nagvenkar says, ‘The biography is in part, a lively scrapbook of his Tom Sawyer-like childhood and youth, as well as a no-holds-barred report card of his subsequent political journey, through the voices of people who knew him, many of them intimately.’ Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘Manohar Parrikar was a popular, astute and grassroots leader of the BJP who served as the Chief Minister of Goa for multiple terms, as well as the Defence Minister of India. An indefatigable and spirted politician, he chose to work until his last days, and left a mark wherever he went. An Extraordinary Life by Sadguru Patil and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar chronicles the life and impact of Manohar Parrikar in Indian politics’.