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File Image: Drishti Marine Lifeguard

Drishti lifeguards today rescued a lady who was being dragged into the sea by a rip current, at Patnem beach.

At around 1600 hours earlier this evening, a group of three entered into the waters at Patnem beach. While they were in the water, one lady got caught up in a rip current and was being dragged into the sea.

The lifeguard of duty Pradeep Velip spotted the lady in danger and called for backup on the radio while rushing into the water with a rescue tube. Meanwhile Manjunath Pagi and Ramesh Velip rushed from Palolem on a jet ski towards the spot where lifeguard Pradeep had secured the victim to the rescue tube. Lifeguard Ramesh jumped into the waters to assist lifeguard Pradeep and together they assisted the victim onto the jet ski and brought her to shore.

The victim is a US national in her early thirties.

On being brought to shore, the victims vitals were checked. As she was found to be fine she was handed over to her friends.