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The Breathtaking Aguad Port and Jail Complex

Entre Nos, an ensemble of musicians, will present a two-part Indo-Portuguese heritage concert with a special emphasis on Goan folk and traditional music for the next edition of Tunes on the Tides’, an entertainment event, amidst the captivating Aguad Port and Jail complex in Sinquerim on February 8.

The performance unfolds in two parts. Initially, the band guides the audience through Goa’s traditional music narrative, spanning from the authentic notes of the ‘ghumot’ to the elegance of mando and marcha. Encompassing various genres pivotal to the state’s cultural tapestry, it incorporates fado, an influencing style. The second part, ‘The Hop,’ invites audience participation, aiming to recreate the jovial ambiance of Goan living rooms. This segment echoes the bygone era where friends and families gathered to share the infectious rhythms from Konkani, Portuguese to Spanish beats of the time . Together, both parts offer a comprehensive journey through Goa’s musical heritage, fostering cultural resonance and audience engagement.

The ensemble includes Asia’s renowned Fadista and multi-faceted vocalist, Nadia Rebelo, one of Goa’s leading violinists, Selwyn Menezes, who has over 30 years of industry experience and Omar De Loiola Pereira, a guitarist, vocalist, arranger and musical director who has directed choral ensembles such as Aradhon and Invox for the past 30 years. The combination of the three allows them to perform a variety of musical genres, with an emphasis on Indo-Portuguese components of Goa’s culture. Food and beverages offered will be rich flavours of authentic Goan cuisine, consistent with the theme of the night.

Event: Tunes on the Tides | Performance By: Entre Nos | When: 8th February  | Timing: 7pm – 10pm

One of Goa’s leading violinists Selwyn Menezes, Asia’s renowned Fadista and multi-faceted vocalist Nadia Rebelo and guitarist, vocalist, arranger and musical director Omar De Loiola Pereira form the ensemble known as Entre Nos that will perform at The Aguad.