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With Christmas just a month away the merriment and preparation for the festivities are already on a roll.  Taking this pre-Christmas fervour to a new height, Sterling Holidays held a traditional Christmas cake mixing ceremony at Sterling Varca, Goa.

The cake mixing ceremony is part of an age-old Christmas tradition which is enjoyed with friends, family and relatives. The main ingredients of the festivities consist of wine, liquor and fruitcake which are mixed in advance to develop aroma and taste.

Apart from the staff at Sterling Varca, even the guests joined in the mixing ceremony and enjoyed the Christmas spirit. Sterling Holidays believes that experiential and exploratory travel encompasses travellers immersing themselves into local experiences by interacting with locals, gorging on local delicacies as well as street food, and partaking in known local activities, thereby creating personal memoirs.

Mr Damian G.H Niesel, COO- Resorts,  Sterling Holidays said “Today travellers want to explore destinations like a local, to get the authentic feel of the place. With an increasing appetite to avail, cultural experiences of that destination, the ‘home away from home’ feeling has become an important trend amongst these experiential and exploratory travellers. We aim to provide our travellers with the same inclusiveness and experience.”