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In a world where women play multiple and varied roles, there is a need for generating awareness about their importance in our society. In wake of recent events, it is necessary to make the youth aware of women rights and equality. Thus, as a part of their Give Goa programme, the students of Goa Institute of Management have been actively involved with institutions promoting women welfare and development over the past forty weeks and have inculcated a sense of responsibility and concern for women.

Keeping that objective in mind, the students of GIM organized an event called ‘RISE UP!’ at Caculo Mall on Valentines’ Day as an initiative to sensitize people against the issues of sexual violence and the rising atrocities against women. This initiative is also part of a global phenomenon, a campaign called ‘One Billion Rising’. The campaign which asks one billion women, and those who love them to dance and ‘Rise Up’ on Valentine’s Day worldwide and demand an end to the violence and crimes against them. The students of GIM geared up to bring this campaign to Goa with a Flash Mob which had over 40 students dancing to the beat of popular music.

The management students also held street plays to stress the importance of gender empowerment. Musical performances and interactions with the audience were held sending out a message to the public.

Cities like Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, too participated in this global campaign boasting over 1000 events under the ‘One Billion Rising’ campaign. MTV, Action Aid India, Amnesty International, Colgate-Palmolive, LSE, ILO and many more reputed organizations, have also showed their response and involvement towards this international campaign.