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Seventy Event Media Group announced the launch of Zambhala – India’s first yoga, music and life spirit festival in Goa. Zambhala is a festival which will bring together the best Yoga experts, Spiritual teachers, practitioners and healers from India and across the world. It is a curated mix of live entertainment, spirituality, music and dance.

The first edition of Zambhala will be held on 21st and 22nd December 2013 in Goa. The festival will showcase the best of Yoga teachers that India and the western world have to offer – practitioners from world-renowned schools such as the BKS Iyengar Yoga School to the Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Institute. A person can opt to melt away their stress in a Hatha Yoga class or relax to a Yoga Nidra class taught in the style of the Bihar School of Yoga. The line-up of international practitioners include some of the world’s best yoga teachers –Jehangir Palkhivala and Deepika Mehta from India, Eoin Finn from Canada, Janet Stone from California and Duncan Wong who has previously taught Madonna, Bjork and Sting.

Visitors are able to seek peace, solace and engage in a multitude of activities like choosing from 5 different kinds of yoga, Sufi whirling, Shamanism, Learning & knowing mind, body & soul and Crystal healing. The two-day festival will also feature workshops on different mediation techniques, chanting, group channeling and astro-gazing. Visitors at Zambhala can participate in various group activities or one-on-one sessions with healers and practitioners.

Estimates of the number of global yoga practitioners are as high as 250 million. The Percent increase on yoga product spending over the last 5 years is 87 %, with the average annual increase of the number of people who practice yoga at 20 %.

Seventy Event Media Group CEO, Martin Da’Costa said:“Zambhala is an answer to the question that so many of us are asking. How to grow, strengthen, and build ourselves in this life. Zambhala will be the largest gathering of Yoga teachers, spiritual experts, musicians, dancers – all brought together in what we’d like to build into the largest Yoga, Music and Life Spirit Festival in India. India is the spiritual home of Yoga and the search for personal enlightenment and it’s incredibly exciting to create the Zambhala Festival here. In a sense, we are building India’s Glastonbury Festival – with Yoga and Spirituality at the heart of it.”         

Also Present will be Indian and international yoga teachers, artists, authors, performers, nutritionists, fitness instructors and even a Shaolin monk. While keeping to the essence of a yoga & life spirit festival, Zambhala has included a line up of musical performances that begin in the afternoon and carry on into the night. It is a celebration of dance and music, of art and expression.

Curtain raiser and awareness events will be conducted in major parts of the country right from now leading to the festival in December.

Out of over 70 speakers and teachers who will be part of Zambhala some of them are:

  • Irma Battig, Craniosacral Therapist and Wellness Consultant
  • Shifu Shi Yan Fang &ShifuKanishka Sharma, Shaolin Monks
  • AnahataMenon, Shamanic healer, Anahata Foundation
  • SohrabArdeshir, Mediumship
  • Amish Tripathi, Author, The Shiva Trilogy  
  • Zia Nath, Sufi Whirler
  • Pooja&AparnaBangia, Psychic Artists   
  • Abhishek Singh, Mythology Painter