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The ninth edition of Semana da Cultura Indo-Portuguesa (Goa)’s cultural celebrations begun with a three day Portuguese Film Festivalat Maquinez Palace, Panaji. Organised by Semana da Cultura Indo – Portuguese (Goa) along with Institute Camoes, Portuguese Consulate and Entertainment Society of Goa, the festival will end on Sunday, September 24.

 The ninth edition of the film festival will screen six critically acclaimed films over three days. The film festival opened with the Portuguese film Comboio Noturno para Lisboa (Night train to Lisbon) by Bille August amidst a gathering of movie buffs. The film is based on a professors thrilling adventure to rediscover himself.

 Speaking on the occasion, Consul General of Portugal in Goa Dr. Francisco Duarte Azevedo said “Two words come to my mind at this moment – heritage and knowledge. Heritage binds us to our roots, our culture, family, nation and identities. Knowledge is that tool available at our disposal to empower and plan for the future. This wonderful committee put together this simple yet effective event 9 years ago. And I’m very proud to be here today amongst you all. The past is past. We live in the present and need to look towards the future. Often times our lives are changed by the actions of others. Let’s think about the future. About that bilateral factor common to Portugal and India. This event is a seed to plant a bright future ahead. Think about it.”

 Chief Guest Mr. Rajendra Talak, Vice Chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa added “One doesn’t need to know the language to understand a film. It’s about transferring a feeling and emotion to the audiences. Film makers in Goa and Portugal face similar issues. Goa government has taken the initiative to promote Goan films and thanks to that Goan films are making a mark and winning awards. I have always wanted to make a film on football. It’s a topic close to the heart of every Goan. I assure the support of ESG to make this film festival an annual event”.

Added Audhut Caro, Chairman of the Executive Committee planning the event said, “Indian and Portugal are both regions steeped in rich heritage and culture. India is a mingling of diverse cultures, all special in their own way. Goa too has its own unique identity and culture which is a blend of Indian and western nuances. Goa has assimilated the essence of both regions where people coexist in harmony and joy. Through this event Semana da Cultura Indo – Portuguesa (Goa) we would like to share and enjoy the essence of our diverse culture.”

The film festival will continue over three days. ‘A Tempestade da Terra’ (Earth Storm) directed by Fernando D’Almedia e Silva’ will be screened at 5.00 pm on 23rdSeptember, followed by Sem Sombra de Pecado’ (No Trace of Sin) at 7.00pm. The film is directed by Jose Fonseca e Costa and produced by Filmform, OPC, Tobis Portuguesa. It is a 104-minute-long movie that involves a growing romance between a young man from a high-bourgeois family serving in the military and a woman at the barracks .

The festival will conclude on September 24, with three movies. Cara a Cara’ (Face to Face) directed by Margarida Leitao and produced by Ukbar Filmes/Inmedia, will be screened at 3.30pm. The 70- minute documentary is based on, when Spanish fighter bulls and people come face to face. The movie ‘John From’ directed by Joao Nicolauand produced by O Som e a Furia and Shellac Sud will be screened at 5.00pm. The 100-minute movie sees a 15 year old girl fall in love with a photographer that is setting up his exhibition. Lastly ‘A Ilha dos Caes’ (The Island of Dogs) directed by Jorge Antonio and Produced by Ana Costa, Cinemate Producoes will be screened at 7.00pm on September 24. The 77-minuite movie consist of drama and adventure on an island as the protagonists battle a pack of dogs.

Like the earlier editions of Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguese (Goa), this year too will see a celebration of Indian and Portuguese culture including cinema, music, cuisine, films and more. The annual event is an effort to celebrate and appreciate the rich cultural flavours of the two nations.

Continuing with the celebrations, the Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguesa (Goa) will host the fado singing competition on the 10th of November at Institute Menezes Braganza hall.  Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguesa (Goa) have also partnered with Fundação Oriente who are hosting the popular musical event ‘Vem Cantar’ and a Goan short story competition.

Schedule of the film festival:

22nd September: Comboio Noturno para Lisboa (Night train to Lisbon) | 6:45 PM

23rd September: A Tempestade da Terra (Earth Storm) | 5:00 PM

Sem Sombra de Pecado’ (No Trace of Sin) | 7:00 PM

24th September: Cara a Cara’ (Face to Face) | 3:30 PM

John From | 5:00 PM

A Ilha dos Caes (The Island of Dogs) | 7:00 PM