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Goa is well-known for many reasons, one of which is its delectable cuisine. But is rice, curry, and fish, or vindalho and cafreal, all we have to offer? While these may be some of the more popular dishes there is a whole array of more seasonal and locally revered cuisine. However, getting your hands on these gastronomical, rustic delights may require you to delve a little deeper into the heart of the state.

Chef Sandip Madkaikar, Assistant Professor of Food Production at V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) is making it easier by sharing two very local and timeless recipes – ‘Conge Soup’ and ‘Tere ani Sungtache Tonak’ . Two perfect Goan meals, often accompanied with the local ‘poie’ or some steamed rice.

Conge (Snails/Escargots) are a seasonal delicacy, found at the beginning of the monsoon season in fields across Goa. Available only during the brief rainy season, these are usually cooked as a sukhe (dry) masala or in a xacuti (gravy) style. The snails (conge) are handpicked from paddy fields which are flooded with muddy water. Conge being a rich source of lean protein, containing vitamin A and other nutrients are good for the immune system. They make the slightly muddy hands all worth it.

When it comes to Tere ani Sungtache Tonak, prawns (shrimps) are one of the supreme favourites when it comes to seafood in Goa. They are also one of the main ingredients of the dish along with tere (colocasia leaves), another monsoon specific ingredient. Gathering and cooking these leafy vegetables is a tradition that has been followed from the good old days. The benefits of naturally grown vegetables are that they are free from insecticides and pesticides making them a 100% organic alternative to other leafy vegetables found in the market.

Recipe – Goan Conge Soup

(Fresh water snails or conge cooked in a broth)

Conge (freshwater snails/escargots) Coconut oil
Green chilly
Coriander leaves

Quantity 50 nos 60 ml 60 ml

30 gms 30 gms 30 gms 50 gms

Onion Cabbage Tomatoes Lime

Black pepper

Method of Preparation

To prepare the Conge :

100 gms 100 gms 100 gms 2 nos

15 gms 5 gms

  • ●  Wash and clean the conge.
  • ●  Heat some oil in a pan, add the conge and immediately add vinegar, cove and allow to cook for 3


  • ●  Put off the flame and allow the shells to cool down
  • ●  Using a toothpick, extract the flesh from the shell.
  • ●  Discard the tail and reserve the head for making the soup. The tail end contains a lot of soil and is

    gritty to eat.

  • ●  Wash the conge meat and reserve for further use.

    To prepare the soup:

  • ●  Heat the remaining oil in a pan and add coarsely ground Garlic, Ginger, Coriander stems and Green chilly.
  • ●  Add finely chopped Onions, Cabbage and tomatoes along with the Conge.
  • ●  Saute for 3 minutes add salt, pepper and add 2.5 liters of water.
  • ●  Allow the soup to boil for 30 minutes and remove the scum rising to the surface.
  • ●  To finish, add lime juice and finely chopped coriander leaves.
  • ●  Serve piping