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A Russian lady aged 27 years was rescued earlier today by Drishti lifesaver Sakharam Bandekar at Arambol beach.

At approximately 15.25 hours earlier today, a Drishti lifesaver who was patrolling the beach stretch spotted a lady gesturing for help in the sea. The lifesaver Sakharam Bandekar launched a jetski and rushed towards the lady. On reaching her he noticed that she was fatigued from the struggle to stay afloat and was in a panicked state. He spoke to her and assured her that she would be fine. Once she had sufficiently recovered and was calm he secured her to the jetski and brought her back to shore.

The Russian lady informed the lifesaver that she had ventured into deeper waters as she felt confident that she would be able to handle it. However the waters were tough and the tide was strong. She tried to return back to shore but found it difficult due to the rough sea conditions. As she was getting tired and was unable to stay afloat she raised an alarm for help. She thanked lifesaver Sakharam for his timely intervention.

Drishti, the state appointed lifeguard agency has advised beach goers to stay away from the waters and rocky areas and cliffs along the coastline. The rocks are very slippery during this season and also wave height, intensity and frequencies are very high and one can easily get washed out.  The IMD has issued a warning that the state could experience rains through the week. The sea conditions are hence not favourable to venture into.