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Royal Enfield, the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer to have remained in continuous production, has joined hands with PotHoleRaja®, a social venture that is on a mission to improve Indian roads, to promote the cause of Road Safety in Goa. The first phase of the campaign was launched in Panjim after the recently concluded Rider Mania in Vagator, with the support of the Corporation of City of Panaji and Mayor Shri Rohit Monsarrate. 

To kickstart the campaign, Royal Enfield and PotHoleRaja® undertook to install a helmet art opposite the iconic Immaculate Conception Church in Goa with the mission to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet while riding. This larger-than-life helmet art installation, decorated with Goan motifs, was created by a bunch of artists under the aegis of Helmets For India, at Rider Mania over a period of three days. Starting from a blank canvas, three artists put their collective skills to create this unique piece of art. Along the way, they also invited interested visitors at Rider Mania to put in their own touches. 

Helmets For India is an artists’ collective that is run by the Eicher Group Foundation, which is the CSR and Sustainability arm of Royal Enfield, and aims to promote the cause of rider safety in India by raising awareness about and educating the country’s two-wheeler riding community about the importance and the need of wearing a helmet at all times. The brainchild of renowned international athlete Niels Peter Jensen, this initiative welcomes individuals and organizations to join hands and together take a formidable step in making Indian roads a safer place.

“As the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer to have been in continuous production since 1901, the safety of our riders has been one of the core values of our social objectives. Wearing a helmet is the first step that a rider can take towards road safety even before he or she has got on to the motorcycle. With our unique Helmets For India initiative, we hope to inspire more and more two-wheeler riders to start wearing helmets as a starting point in their journey towards better road safety,” said Bidisha Dey, Executive Director, Eicher Group Foundation.

Following the installation of the helmet art installation, a team of Royal Enfield riders along with volunteers of PotHoleRaja®, undertook a drive to fix potholes near the Calangute Beach Road. Using an innovative ultra-quick drying cold bitumen technology, the team repaired several potholes of varying sizes, making the road safer for all users within minutes. Many such initiatives will be executed in other parts of Goa and across the country.

“Another aspect of promoting rider safety is providing better road infrastructure. While the government and authorities continue to do their best, we, along with our partner PotHoleRaja®, have taken up the cause of doing what we can as citizens of this country to augment the efforts of the authorities towards providing better and safer road infrastructure for our users,” Bidisha added.

Commenting on the partnership, Sourabh Kumar, Director, PotHoleRaja®, said, “At PotHoleRaja®, we believe that good road infrastructure coupled with the innovative technology can make our roads much safer for commuters. Over the last several years, road safety has been our priority and we have extensively worked towards improving the condition of our roads.  We are excited to partner with Royal Enfield and we hope to create a larger impact by promoting the adoption of safe riding gear.”

“We are extremely happy with the kind of support we have received from the Corporation of the City of Panaji and Mayor Shri Rohit Monsarrate. We look forward to executing many more road transformation projects in Goa and across the country”, Sourabh added.