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VEMB Retail, (a wholly-owned subsidiary of VEMB Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd), has hit the Goan market with the foray in the personal care and grooming space with the launch of a new men’s deodorant brand – ROVER recently.

VEMB Retail has entered the personal care business with the launch of six different variants viz, Cryptic, Brisk, Zeal, Greed, Fierce and Bond for men, depicting the different moods of a man. Each deodorant will have a distinct fragrance; from woody aromatic, to sporty, to oriental spicy, aquatic warm, the brand has left no stone unturned to bring out the masculinity of a man. Rover Deo variants are intended to target young consumers in the 18-25 age group, particularly the urban male go-getter. The deodorants will be priced at Rs.180 for a 150ml bottle and will be sold through various channels like Modern Trade, (TESCO Star Bazaar, Health and Glow,  Bharti Easy Day, Dabur New U, Food World, Auchan), General Trade (a pan India distribution network through super stockists, stockists, chemists, general stores) and on the e-commerce platform too through

ROVER Deodorants will excite consumers and bring them closer to the brand by launching a pan India contest – ‘Khula Dhakkan Nikla Hero’ through various mediums. Dabbling in India’s lucrative deodorant segment with a market size pegged at Rs 2000 crore.

Commenting on the launch, Punit Agarwal, MD, VEMB Retail, said “Since ROVER is a new entrant in the men’s deodorant category, we wanted to create a different brand proposition that sets us apart from the rest of the existing players. With the metrosexual male phasing out today, a more versatile male has arrived. Today, we have seen a well-balanced new male order emerge who does not want to fit into a stereotype, a man who is ready to take on new challenges in life, a man who has become the master of all and more importantly, someone who can straddle between multiple roles and not only adapt but excel at each one of these and yet emerge as a winner. We wanted to identify with a man who is internally driven, socially intelligent, someone who believes grooming is a necessity and someone who can desire his own path. This was the core thought where we felt that, for these varied battles that he picks, his appearance and persona becomes his secret weapon. Hence, it was the ability to be many persons in one, thus the brand idea for ‘For the Men inside the Man’ was christened.”

On this occasion, Bhupendra Raikar, General Manager, Marketing commented, “Indian males predominantly have a typical male chauvinist mindset. We wanted to take a new brand pitch and move away from the stereotypical chic magnet route that most deodorants are striding on currently. Hence, the new image driven tribe is where we feel Rover’s playground lies and taking this into consideration, we aim to break the cluttered market with our innovative marketing strategies.”

Announcing the KDNH contest by the brand, Raikar further added by saying, “Rover is a new brand that is launching in the category of men’s deodorants. Considering the category of deodorants is extremely cluttered and being a new brand on the block, there was a need to generate some buzz around the brand in the consumers mind. After deep diving into our consumers mind, Rover Deodorant arrived at the insight that within every man there is a latent aspiration to become an actor and this is revealed whenever he looks himself at the mirror. Taking this insight forward, Rover decided to run a contest that would give anyone a shot at becoming an actor, all they have to do is open the lid of a Rover Deodorant can. We wanted to add a fun element, an element of intrigue and break the monotony by instantly connecting with the masses by using catchy phrases to garner the attention of the youth. Hence, the contest name of ‘Khula Dhakkan Nikla Hero’ was conceptualized. All that a common man needs to do is to buy a can of Rover Deodorant, fill an application form and he may get a chance of become the hero of Rover Deodorant’s television ad. The contest will be rolled out on April 18th until May 17th, 2014 and the last date for entries is May 23, 2014.

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The men’s deodorants segment accounts for a staggering 70% of the Rs 1,886-crore market and is growing at a CAGR of 40% p.a. Industry forecast predicts that the market is likely to reach Rs.10,000 crores by 2015, thus showing an exponential growth.