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The traditional Red and Black dance along the street of Samba Square at the Jardin Garcia De Orta in Panaji concluded with much joy and happiness as families and friends came to celebrate the last day of carnaval in the city. Decked with red and black décor, the street had a number of food stalls serving delectable Goan cuisine and sweet treats.

One of Goa’s most loved and anticipated event during Carnaval, the Red & Black dance organized by Clube Nacional and Samba Square drew in the young and old timers as everyone came dressed in their best costume for the fancy dress competition. Bryan Soares won the fancy dress competition with his pirate costume and talking parrot that kept everyone entertained. With the DJ’s belting out some high tempo music and the live bands kicking in late into the night, the celebrations at the Samba Square were at a crescendo.

Goa’s top bands including Syndicate, Cascades, L’ACE, Archies and Valentinos played out popular songs to an enthusiastic crowd that gathered to dance away the night.