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Cook with Grand Hyatt Goa chefs, learn to make Indian-inspired cocktails, rejuvenate at Shamana Spa, savour Modern Australian cuisine at Verandah, indulge in fondue at Capiz Bar or simply hit the adventure zone for an adrenaline rush.With a selection of seven restaurants and bars, an extensive spa, a versatile recreational menu and a sailing centre, Grand Hyatt Goa has something for everyone.

Set on the calm waters of Bambolim Bay, the resort offers a wide range of things to do forboth you and your family. Its recreation team has an array of adventuresome and exciting to choose from, including wall-climbing, aqua-zorbing, zoccer, archery, zip-line, flying fox, wild-web rope course, cycling, functional training and boot camp. These are only some of the many activitiesthat take place on the expansive lawns.

Walk into the Capiz Bar on Mondays to experience new beer and food pairings. Rejuvenate at the Shamana Spa on Tuesdays with a detox program that includes a combination of yoga, aqua exercise, lymphatic drainage, and a royal wellness bath along with healthy drinks and herbal teas. Come Wednesday and indulge in the seafood night market in the gardens serving a large variety of fresh seafood and live music and entertainment. Gather around the fireplace at the Capiz Bar on Thursdays for an evening of cocktails and music. Enjoy al fresco evenings on Friday at the Pool Bar and Grill with DJ Thelma. Conclude the week every Saturday on a Spanish note on the palace lawns with an evening of entertainment and food inspired by the cuisine of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. And, of course, Sundays will beguile you with the ever-popular Champagne Brunch at The Dining Room.

Kids can have their own little holiday at Camp Hyatt – a recreation centre designed to provide the perfect amount of fun and games for children below 12 years of age. Grand Hyatt Goa makes sure you have all the boxes ticked for a truly unforgettable memorable.Culture, cuisine, festivity and a collection of unique experiences; there is something for everyone.

Some of the recreational activities available at the resort

  • Wild-web rope course: This rope course includes a combination ofboth vertical and horizontal challenges, and is constructed from wood, cables and ropes installed above ground and strung between trees and poles. This course is open to all age groups and is not as easy as it looks!


  • Zoccer: This is an insane mix of football (soccer) and zorbing. Zoccer tackles send you bouncing and reeling across the pitch but protected by an inflatedzorb. You can crash into other players and createmayhem without causing any bodily injury!


  • Aqua Aerobics: Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that requires water-immersed participation. The classes focus on aerobic endurance and resistance, and the creation of an enjoyable atmosphere with background music. Different forms of water aerobics include: Aqua Zumba, yoga, and aqua aerobics.


  • Yoga for kids: Every child is born divine, and as we grow up, they say that we lose our connections with our inner selves. This is why yoga and mindful meditation bring children closer to who they really areand lead the way to a better world.


  • Wall-climbing: This activity is designed to offer the thrill of being outdoors and makes use of an artificial wall created by our outdoor adventure experts. This offers unmatched challenges.


  • Cycling: Pick up a cycle and pedal around roundthe sprawling lawns of the resort. Cycling can also be an immensely challenging physical activity.


  • Flying Fox: Flying Fox offers the thrilling choice of either gliding like an eagle or flyinglike overour lawn. A flying fox is an overhead cable strung between two points and the participant flies along this on a pulley.It’s like being on an aerial runway!


  • Drone mania: Drones are remote-controlled flying robots that can do all sorts of exciting things, from zooming along the ground and jumping over obstacles, or flying high into the sky and hovering motionless.


  • Boot camp:The fitness boot camp provides a physical training programme conducted by our personal trainers and isdesigned to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group activities for over an hour.


  • Yoga with live music: This yoga session comprises meditation, mindfulness and re-awakened energy that will leave the participant feeling happy and relaxed from head to toe, body and soul. Live Indian music compliments this peaceful yoga session.


  • Zip-line: This heart-pounding adventure will eliminate your fear of heights!When suspended from a cable and moving freely along it, you’ll feel an exciting adrenaline rush!