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Taking forward its vision to create awareness and availability of clean food, Phalada Pure and Sure, India’s leading organic and clean food brand joined hands with Chef Amrita Raichand to support  a petition on, requesting the government to ban the use of pesticides and ensure #CleanFoodForAll.

Mothers play a pivotal in nurturing children, making sure they receive the right nutrition. Children need a holistic diet for their health and overall development. The food we consume today contain harmful chemicals like Carbendazim, Chlorpyriphos, Monocrotophos and Dimethoate. Exposure to pesticides and other pollutants in food obstruct cell development and can damage certain vital organs in the long run. Given the current scenario, it is of utmost importance to help a child build good immunity levels and guard them against the virus. It is imperative to ensure clean food for children, which means it is free from harmful chemicals.

Speaking on the importance of clean food, Mr. Surya Shastry, Managing Director at Phalada Organic Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. says, “At Phalada Pure and Sure, we believe that everyone deserves food that is clean – free of pesticides, additives or artificial ingredients. I believe this is a cause, which if dealt well will become a movement soon that honours our commitment of creating awareness and availability for #CleanFoodForAll. More so, in the wake of current pandemic, it is important to strengthen resilience and immunity in all of us. Our petition is to bring these harmful chemicals to the forefront and urge the government to ban these substances to ensure clean and healthy food for children. We are positive that we will receive support from across the industry and many people will join the movement by signing this petition.

Commenting on the new association, Mr. Shastry said, “No one understands the importance of healthy food for children, other than a mother. Chef Amrita Raichand relates best with Pure and Sure’s vision towards clean eating and her connect with mothers of young children is unmatched. This opportunity connected all the dots together for us and made its way to Chef Amrita. And then, there was no looking back. We hope that as this campaign progresses, more parents will join and want clean food for their children.”

Speaking on the association, Celebrity Chef, Amrita Raichand says, “ I am pleased to file this petition as this is very much aligned to the vision I have. Today, I believe this is the right time to initiate something as important as this cause. As a chef, a mother and a proponent of clean food, I always questioned myself and thought of ways to provide clean and healthy food to our children. It is every child’s right to consume food i.e. free of chemicals, pollutants, artificial ingredients and harmful additives. By highlighting harmful effects of adulterated food and how it effects children’s health, this petition provides a sensible path to advance the nation towards clean and healthy eating by empowering consumers with critical information. We are positive that our efforts will pay-off and we shall achieve our goals successfully.”

Pure and Sure, and Chef Amrita Raichand urge people across the country to visit and sign the petition. With enough signatures, this can then be taken forward with the concerned authorities for a better future for our children.

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