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The noodle feast is the first on the culinary calendar that Ori has lined up for the season. Corporate Chef Raj and his team have put together a delightful journey of show casing variety in the much loved noodle.  Be it Chinese Hakka noodles or Flat Thai noodles, Glass Noodles or special Japanese Soba or Udon noodles each mouthful is a delightful burst of flavor.

The teams of hosts are excited about serving you a wide variety of “all that is noodle.” Be sure to ask them for their recommendations. With the great variety for you to choose from, at Ori you can customize your dish through whatever choice of flavours you are in the mood for. Each preparation of noodle is yours to pick and choose, combined with a wide array of flavours and sauces; the teams are waiting to be challenged with your preparation. Choices of sauces like Chilly Oyster for a burst of Orient spice and Black Bean Sauce are options to choose from in addition to XO Sauce, Ginger and Honey or Thai Basil Sauce, the combinations are unlimited. Combined with fresh vegetables, choice cuts of meat and delectable sea food, the noodle feast at Ori is all set get you showing off your chopstick skills and dexterity. 

Step into Ori for lunch or dinner and savour the truly unmistakable flavours of the Orient. While your noodles are being prepared to your specifications enjoy the ambience accompanied with a complimentary beverage. Three simple steps, pick your choice of noodles, sauces and accompaniments and get set to be transported into the Orient with the flavours which will keep you coming back for more.

For more details and reservations: 7709003237.