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V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) held the fourth edition of its online series ‘Culinary Conversations’, to commemorate World Tourism Day. The speaker for the evening was Chef Vineet Manocha, the Senior Vice President – Culinary at Lite Bite Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Chef Vineet talked about culinary tourism and India’s rich gastronomic culture, the theme being ‘Inclusive growth’ for this year’s World Tourism Day. He truly believes that local food has the ability to attract and alter tourism if redefined and combined with traditional culinary techniques. Chef Vineet urged every student at VMSIIHE aspiring to be a chef to also be a world ambassador for Indian and Goan cuisine.
In addition to Chef Vineet’s address, the proactive students of VMSIIHE asked several questions to enlighten themselves about the industry through his expertise. In response to a question asked by Sumit Kumar Barik as to how one should shape their career in the industry Vineet advised them to, “Always be passionate about food, continue learning, and be committed to your profession”. Other students inquired about Goa’s individual potential to showcase culinary traditions as a strategy to attract tourists. Having spent a lot of time in the state with plans to retire here, Chef Vineet spoke ardently about Goan cuisine and how it can be taken to an international platform. He took the opportunity to point out how Goa’s famous drink ‘feni’ has the potential and deserves its due recognition. These well thought questions were patiently and in detail answered by the speaker who was very eager to interact with ‘Gen-Z’ as he put it, so that he could share his day-to-day experiences giving the future of the industry a stronger foundation to build upon.
Prof Irfan Mirza, Director/Principal of VMSIIHE during his closing remarks thanked the guest for sharing his knowledge. Chef Vineet in turn commented on the world-class facilities of the institution, remembering his visit there prior to the pandemic. The event was a success, adding another feather in the VMSIIHE cap in ensuring that their students receive mentorship from the very best.