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Vijay Thomas, Founder & CEO, Tangentia Ventures at the launch of FOHO Haus at Vibrant Goa 2019

Imagine owning a luxury second home in India at one twelfth the price!

Fractional Ownership, an investment strategy, which first came into vogue when top businessmen around the globe collectively pitched in to co-own business jets, is now a cutting-edge investment strategy when it comes to real estate too.

The Fractional Ownership model designed by FOHO.Haus enables a person to own a fraction of a house or a property with 12 other individuals, who have similarly opted to. This collective of individuals not only end up physically owning a share of the freehold of the property as an asset – the bricks and mortar, but when one or all of them are ready to sell it at any point in time, there can with a realistic shot at making a profit.

This revolutionary concept — fractional ownership homes — which is relatively new to the real estate sector in India, is being introduced in India by FOHO.Haus promoted by Canada-based Tangentia Ventures. The global launch took place at the Vibrant Goa – Global Expo & Summit 2019 in Goa.

Fractional Ownership blends well in real estate markets like Goa, Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi and several other regions in emerging India, that offer second homes, which owners tend to occupy for limited periods of time through the year. 

The Fractional Ownership concept comes with several advantages, the key among which includes mitigation of risk. Instead of risking the entire investment in owning one home or property, buying fractions of ownership in multiple projects in different regions of the country or the world, makes one’s investment safe because the potential risk is in itself spread out. 

In India, Tangentia Ventures aims to pioneer the concept first in its bid to democratise second home ownership globally. 

“Instead of accumulation a large enough financial corpus to own a luxury second home in India, one can now own a property or one twelfth the price. You have lesser initial outlay with FOHO which lowers your financial risk as compared to whole ownership. The value of your fraction will increase in-line with the property value – as it would if you owned the whole property,” says Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tangentia Ventures, Vijay Thomas. 

Vijay Thomas is in Goa to participate in the Vibrant Goa – Global Expo & Summit 2019, where he is moderating a session: Growing Indian diaspora in Canada and how Goan & Indian SME’s can benefit from it.

Tangentia Ventures offers individual, tastefully selected homes in the best destinations at a great value, along with comprehensive servicing and upkeep of properties. 

The key differentiator between the concept of Fractional Ownership and Timeshare is, while the latter allows one to purchase the right to stay in a property for a given time period over a number of years (effectively a re-saleable, prepaid booking), Timeshares do not allow for the ownership of the physical property, like in the case of Fractional Ownership.