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The film’s title ‘Coffin-maker’ may sound ominous, but Coffin Maker, a Naseeruddin Shah starring film is one of those movies which “resonates and can connect globally” with its universal theme, the maker of the film said.

The film stars Nasseruddin Shah as Anton Gomes, a coffin maker by profession and is one of the entries in the IFFI’s competition section.

“It’s a pleasure and delight to make a film like The Coffin Maker. We have attempted to show Goa at its best. The sunshine we see in Goa is very golden and the mud very red,” said director Veena Bakshi who was addressing a media conference during the festival.

She said that initially she was at a loss as to who should play the titular role of the coffin maker, but over time she realized that there was only one person who could probably do justice to the character.

“While scripting the film, there was no face that I had considered, but overtime, I could just imagine Naseeruddin Shah playing the lead. As for Shilpa Shukla, she comes across as a very bold and confident person in real life. She was an apt choice from the beginning,” she said,

Shukla herself was very thrilled too. “I am very glad to be a part of the film. I have worked in Chak De India followed by BA Pass which were successful at the box office and being from this generation, it is an honor for me to have worked with commendable names,” the actress  said.

Goan singer Hema Sardesai who has sung Konkani songs in this English film commended Bakshi for portraying Goa well and accurately in her film.

“Goa is very well portrayed in the film and considering Veena Bakshi the director and Charat Vijan the producer are non Goans. They have covered every aspect right from the way a Goan house is, to the people and the whole set-up,” she said.