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This April Grand Hyatt Goa brings to you a special food promotion at Chulha, its Indian speciality restaurant, lead by the culinary ambassador of Indian cuisine Marut Sikka. A celebrated food consultant, author of the book Indian Flavours, host of the popular food show ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Tikkas’ and a self – professed foodie himself, Marut Sikka will bring to Goa  magical flavours from across India.

Watch Marut Sikka and his team of chefs don their apron and light the kitchen fires to create some of the most exotic cuisine that India has to offer.  Starting 7th April through 15th April 2012, he will tease, tempt and indulge your palate with some of the finest curries, chutneys and chaats originating from popular cities and streets. Delving into the secrets of each region; from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from West Bengal to Gujarat, Marut Sikka presents onto your plates, a melange of special flavours.

Cooking enthusiasts can get up-close and personal with the food connoisseur during the grand class on 9th and 10th April. Learn to cook from the master himself as he takes you on a culinary journey through the streets of India.

Acclaimed by food critics, Marut Sikka has been involved in creating over 28 unique Indian restaurants worldwide, including the Michelin Starred ‘Amaya’ in London and the much acclaimed ‘Magique’ and ‘Kainoosh’ in Delhi. He has organized numerous food festivals in India and overseas. Having cooked for the state dinner in honour of President Barack Obama at the Presidents house (Rashtrapati Bhawan) in New Delhi, he has fed dignitaries like President Bill Clinton and Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh & Atal Bihari Vajpayee among others. He has conceptualized meals for a number of famous personalities including the Bachchans and for events of national magnitude such as the Golden Jubilee of the Parliament of India. An author of two books, including the bestselling ‘Indian Flavours’ specially selected by Barnes and Noble to be printed as a special edition, Marut Sikka has burnt a trail in the global food circuit.

As a connoisseur of Indian food, Marut has spent years researching and collecting secret recipes, from small towns tucked into the interiors of the country and cities bustling with life. A specialist in Awadhi cooking, his creations have a royal touch.

Marut Sikka’s recipes are simple, using fresh ingredients which look and tastes good. It’s all in the pantry and it’s all about putting the right things together.

Liberal use of spices, a generous amount of history and dollops of trivia, Marut brings it all to you at the Grand Hyatt Goa.

Bookings are now open. For reservations, kindly call 0832 301 1125.