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Former Head of Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) Manoj Srivastava has once again been appointed an ‘Observer’ at the prestigious Berlinale, The Berlin International Film Festival. As part of the appointment, Srivastava would be attending the co-production market as an ‘Observer’ and interact with Film commissions and funding agencies of all participating countries. Leaving for Germany, Srivastava conveyed “The Co-production market at Berlin is important in the sense that it brings together filmmakers looking for International funding and funding agencies looking for viable projects. Today the trend is to get funding from 3-4 different sources in as many countries. The situation also suits the film commissions and funding agencies, which can invest smaller amounts in a clutch of films and enhance their visibility and success rate”.

The Festival starts on 7th Feb and screens over 200 films within a span of eleven days. Nearly 150 countries participate in this prestigious film event. This is the second time Manoj Srivastava has been appointed by the Festival.