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An array of mango treats available at Grand Hyatt Goa


Enjoy mango charlotte, ginger mango chocolate cake, mango jam, mango pudding, mango shakes, mango margaritas and much more this season!  Get set to indulge your mango cravings with special promotions like Mango Magic and Tea-Me-Mango that have been planned throughout May and June at Grand Hyatt Goa.

The months of May and June is the high point of the mango season in Goa and Grand Hyatt Goa’s team of chefs gives this much-loved fruit a contemporary twist with a combination of favourites as well as fresh new creations.  From the marvellous mango tart and the selection of tangy mango pickles to the innovative sticky rice and mango pudding, it is a journey that is simply irresistible.

The Palace Lawns at the property are home to a number of mango trees laden with fruit.  Some of the mango delicacies on offer at the restaurants are prepared from this very fruit, freshly plucked from the trees.

Let us delight you with a ‘Mango Magic’ promotion that serves a selection of mango-inspired appetisers and salads at The Dining Room and The Verandah, mango cocktails at Capiz Bar and at The Pool Bar and Grill and a selection of tangy mango pickles and chutneys at the speciality Indian Restaurant Chulha.  The Confeitaria also offers a ‘Tea-Me-Mango’ time from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm with a spread of cakes, chocolates, desserts and other sweet mango treats.

Bookings are now open.  For reservations please call 0832 301 1125.