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FC Goa is committed to ensuring that its fans, players and staff stay safe during the current Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, and club captain Mandar Rao Dessai and Interim Head Coach Clifford Miranda have also joined the fight against the virus.

Our captain was among the many Indians who took time out to appreciate the work done by health care and medical professionals among others during this testing period, and appeared in his balcony to applaud the work performed by the various essential services running tirelessly throughout the country.

The skipper also sent a message of support to the public and urged fans to stay indoors.

“These are testing times and we need to fight together to get through them. I urge all of you to stay at home, follow government orders and protect yourselves and others. Forca Goa!,” Mandar said in his address to supporters.

Mandar’s gesture was one of support to the community, but fans of FC Goa must also stay committed in the fight against the virus by not stepping out of their homes and following governmental orders.

To give fans some hope and aid them through this period, our Interim Head Coach Clifford Miranda also had a clear message of support.

“Hey guys. Please stay indoors, take necessary precautions, stay safe and keep others safe,” Clifford said in his address to all Gaurs fans.

The club understands that this is a difficult period for the world, but we firmly believe that by following government protocol, maintaining social distance and sanitizing hands regularly, we can together overcome this challenge.

To be better informed on the COVID 19 outbreak, and precautions regarding the same, please head on over to the following websites:

  1. The World Health Organisation
  2. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
  3. Coronavirus: Safety and Readiness Tips for You from Red Cross