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German has been the language of many famous poets, philosophers and scientists and is now is becoming more and more important in international business. Chowgule College offers you the chance to learn the language of the biggest and the strongest economy in Europe: Germany. The course will begin from Friday, 1st August, 2014 and will be conducted at the college premises.

The language course will be conducted by German national Holger Schäfer, an expert in the subject. The course is offered in cooperation with Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan, the official German Cultural and Language Institute which organises German classes in 159 institutes in over 90 countries worldwide. At the end of the course students will be able to pass the A1 exam (internationally recognized standard).

The course will be conducted three days a week, two hours at a time. The class time will be held  depending on the convenience of the students as well as the teacher.

Join this course if you want to enhance your career opportunities, possess better soft skills, be a successful global citizen or even if you’re interested in world culture or wish to travel.

For further queries and to register, please contact (0832) 2759504 (Extn. 2215) or 9422062928, or teacher Holger Schäfer on 7030700840, email: