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Kineco Kaman Composites India Private Limited (Kineco Kaman) completed its first commercial delivery of Composite Equipment Bay Shroud (EBS) Assembly to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), a division of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Kineco Kaman is India’s first private company to have successfully supplied the said Composite Assembly for Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mark III. Four (4) more EBS are scheduled to be delivered by December 2023.

On this accomplishment, Shekhar Sardessai, Founder of Kineco Group and Chairman & Managing Director of Kineco Kaman commented “It is an important milestone for the company, we are extremely jubilant and proud to be a part of ISRO’s GSLV Mark-III program and contribute towards India’s self-reliance in space technologies. We are pleased to meet the expectations of ISRO/VSSC and to have fulfilled the trust placed by them when they decided to outsource this critical activity to the private sector. We are hopeful that this milestone achieved by Kineco Kaman will pave the way for more opportunities and help in overall development of space capabilities in India’s  private sector in line with the Hon. Prime Minister’s vision.”

As part of its commitment to promote private sector participation in developing space capabilities in India, VSSC had decided to outsource this critical assembly.

VSSC entrusted this responsibility to Kineco Kaman taking into consideration its legacy of proven performance and expertise in industrialization of complex composite assemblies. Over the last eighteen months, VSSC and Kineco Kaman teams worked alongside to align the competencies to manufacture this critical assembly for the launch vehicle.

EBS Assembly is a complex and critical 4m diameter CFRP hat-stiffened structure that houses sensitive equipment of the GSLV. The composite segments are fabricated using carbon fiber prepreg and aluminum core material which is cured using an Autoclave and are then assembled using various titanium and aluminum hardware to tight tolerances.

Kineco Kaman’s credentials in providing high-quality, cost-effective composite solutions with superior service and on-time delivery for the aerospace and defense sector have further been enhanced with this successful industrialization of EBS assembly for the space sector.