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State governments recently allowed kitchens to be operated to allow home delivery of meals. This was encouraging news during the lockdown.

Margao based Kamaxi Overseas Consultants, a cruise hiring agency and ACCLA a cruise culinary institute has launched a cloud kitchen offering Indian and Continental cuisine. Being a training academy for cruise liner chefs the kitchens maintain extremely high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Hygiene and public health are very closely related. In today’s world more so than ever, practicing personal hygiene in commercial kitchens is extremely important. 

The cloud kitchen accepts incoming orders only via Zomato which delivers food to the customers’ doorstep. The service is available to residents in and around Margao for now. 

Kamaxi cloud kitchen offers two brands serving vastly different cuisines. Manjeet Da Dhabba is focused on north Indian home style meals which are simple, healthy and tasty. The menu includes a selection of kebabs and grilled fare, biryani, Indian breads and an array of vegetarian offerings. From Mughlai style dal to home style chicken curries with ground spices to the favorite Indian dessert Gajar ka halwa, the menu offers it all. 

Christopher Columbus: The World Cuisine, celebrates world cuisine and offers an international menu while using locally sourced ingredients. Salads, pasta, and grilled fare find mention on the menu. 

Said Parixit Pai Fondekar, Director, Kamaxi , “Today all of us are impacted by the pandemic. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance. Cruise ship chefs practice some of the strictest hygiene and sanitation practices when it comes to food safety. We teach this at our cruise culinary academy every single day and make sure that our chefs are trained to meet globally accepted hygiene practices.”

“We are offering hygienically prepared meals which are being delivered to the doorstep of customers.
The highest levels of hygiene and sanitation are practiced at our cloud kitchen, “he added.