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On the afternoon of 19th January at Calangute, a male hailing from Karnataka ventured into the waters for a dip. The sea condition was rough due to the changing tides. The lifeguard on duty made announcements on the PA system mounted on the moving jeep to alert people and request them to retreat to a safer place along the shoreline. However the male visitor ventured back into the deeper areas after the jeep had passed the spot where he was located. After a while the male started getting dragged further into the sea. The lifeguard on duty noticed the male in distress and rushed to his aid along with a rescue tube and brought the victim to shore.

As the victim was unconscious and pulse was faint, CPR was commenced and oxygen was administered. Simultaneously a call was placed for the 108 ambulance and victim was rushed to the waiting ambulance. The  lifeguards along with the ambulance personnel worked efficiently and swiftly to revive the victim. After 08 cycles of CPR, the victim got revived and was pulled back from the jaws of death. The lifeguard accompanied the victim to the Asilo hospital in Mapusa from where he was shifted to GMC.

The victim is stable and out of danger.

Lifeguards Vinod, Suresh, Achini, Sangharsh, Raju and Jai were involved in the rescue operation.

January 2020 has seen 25 rescues from along the beaches so far.