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Amidst a global pandemic and lockdown, Drishti Lifeguards, part of Goa’s essential services continue to be on duty in north and south Goa.

Earlier this morning at Calangute beach, a foreign national argued with the lifeguards who tried to stop her from going into the waters and spat on their faces before walking away. The incident was reported to the local police.

On the various beaches in north and south Goa there were stray incidents yesterday and today of people coming to the beach despite requests by lifeguards to leave the beach and return home.

The beaches are currently closed to the public. Drishti lifeguards appeal to all visitors, local residents as well as domestic and international travellers who are presently still in Goa to stay away from the beach and pay heed to the directions of the lifeguards.

The lifeguards will continue to keep guard on the shores over the next weeks.