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The Goa Institute of Management (GIM), one of the premier B-schools in the country, recently organized ‘Inception 2020’. Starting as a small event in 2011 Inception has grown to be one of the best musical events there is across B- Schools in India. Over 6 years of its existence Inception had some of India’s most popular musicians playing at the campus. The event was a spectacular showcase of talent, some breath taking performances, delicious food, rocking music and people coming together to celebrate.

The event had performances and competitions galore. From Stereoheads which is a solo and duet singing competition to Battle on the Rocks which is a competition for rock bands to dance performances and more, it two-day event was a confluence of eclectic performances.

The show stopper of the event was the Anand Bhaskar Collective, who performed one of their yet to be officially released songs followed by their iconic tracks like Radhe, Fanaa, Meri Jaan, to name a few.

The talented comedian Pritish Narula showcased his rib-tickling humour and lightened the mood with his on point jokes and witty anecdotes.

All in all, Inception 2020 was not just an event, it was an experience in its own, the kind which forces you to invigorate within you, pure happiness and ecstasy.