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The well known honest Journalist from Mirror Now Channel Ms. Faye D’Souza dropped from lecture series in Goa due to anti CAA stand. This clearly indicates that the current Government of Goa is playing dirty politics and exposing their own face of Communalism. Goa Pradesh Congress Committee Condemn the cheap act governed by the Government of Goa for not allowing Faye D’Souza to deliver the lecture.

The Chief Minister of Goa is trying to cover the shameful acts of the Director of Education.

The entire country witnessed the bold and thought-provoking speech of a Goan School Girl on the 70th anniversary of the Constitution of India. She was highly appreciated for her courage and precise expression of the attack on Indian Constitution by the tyrannical leaders of BJP. In spite of praising the wonder girl, her parents and teachers for revealing the naked truth of extremist rulers, the BJP Government in Goa are all set to suppress the voice of people. The Chief Minister is asking for apology letters from the petty officers of the Education Department. However, he has neither sought an apology from the DE nor issued her Show Cause Notice for dereliction of duty. The people of Goa wants to know, why the Chief Minister of Goa is scared of DE. Why such a lethal cover is provided to hide misdeeds of DE.

She was instrumental in organizing the program in NIO. She irresponsibly abandoned the stage after CM left. It was wrong on her part to leave the stage vacant. There is a demand to issue a show-cause notice to the DE who is well known for issuing Show Cause Notices to the School Heads. Mr. Nagraj Honnekeri is made a scapegoat to cover the DE. This is unfortunate, unfair and unjust. The program was organized by DE. Nagaraj is a petty officer obeying the dictums of DE. He is wrongly spared by the Government to shield real culprit. Incidentally, Mr. Kanta Patnekar was also present with Honnekeri to witness the truth-finding speech of the student. The people of Goa would like to know what action will be taken by the Hon’ble CM, against Mr. Kanta Patnekar?

The Chief Minister who is using Director of Education, Ms. Vandana Rao, to softly target and harassed Minority institutions to remove his frustration of his failure Govt. He should not forget that 15 MLAs in his government are from the Minority community and if they removed support than he will no longer remain as CM of Goa. He should stop such types of cheap Act.

It is evident that the Chief Minister has miserably failed to run the Govt. The CM Mr. Pramod Sawant is giving high tag z+ facilities to Director of Education, it is also seen that by hiding the burning issues like Mining, Mahadei, unemployment, law, and order have remained unattended since the day Mr. Pramod Sawant has sworn as CM. The state has become bankrupt and heavily under bad debts.