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Goa’s leading orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar performed the state’s first flat foot correction surgery at Healthway Hospital. A team of doctors from across the country travelled to Goa to witness the surgery and learn the technique.

Flatfoot is a condition in which the entire sole of the foot touches the floor when standing. Flat feet can occur during childhood if the arches of the feet don’t develop.

Dr Kudchadkar was assisted by a team of medical professionals led by Dr. Michael Graham, a leading podiatric surgeon from the USA who is the inventor of this technique and pioneered this surgery. Also on the team were Dr Lucas Kolodziej, orthopaedic and traumatology surgeon from the US and Dr Ashok Johari Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeon from Mumbai.

It was relayed live to 40 visiting orthopaedic surgeons from all over India who got to learn this new corrective surgery. The technique will also be integrated into the cadaver course to enhance the surgical skills in Goa Medical College.

After completing the surgery successfully Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar said, “This is a significant development for the state. With this new technique the correct treatment can be offered for this mysterious yet common deformity of flat foot. I’m grateful for Dr. Graham and Dr Lucas and the team of doctors who were part of this development. The simple yet revolutionary technique will work like magic among patients.”

“My heart is full of happiness to see the smile on my first patient’s face. I’m happy that doctors from all over the country could witness this surgery live and learn the intricacies from the specialist Dr. Graham himself. It’s a proud moment for the medical fraternity and we are happy that people can avail of this surgery now right here in Goa.”, elaborated Dr. Kudchadkar.

Goa’s first foot and ankle superspeciality clinic is now operational with this surgery at Healthway Hospital Goa. “This superspeciality centre will have diabetic foot care clinic for comprehensive management which includes non healing ulcers, foot deformities and provide orthotics and prosthetics for amputees and will provide expertise for common foot and ankle problems like flat foot, heel pain, ligament injuries, complex ankle fractures and toe deformities.”, said Dr. Kudchadkar.