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A Ilha dos Cães (The Island of Dogs)

The next few days promise to be a treat for movie buffs in Goa with the Semana da Cultura Indo-Portuguesa (Goa) along with Institute Camoes, Portuguese Consulate and Entertainment Society of Goa organizing its annual Portuguese Film Festival between the 22 and 24 September at Marquinez Palace in Panjim.

This edition of the Portuguese Film Festival organized by Semana da Cultura Indo-
Portuguesa (Goa) will open with the Portuguese film Comboio Noturno para Lisboa
(Night train to Lisbon) by Bille August.

The ninth edition of the film festival will screen six critically acclaimed films over three
days. The movies to be screened include ‘Comboio Noturno para Lisboa’ (Night train to
Lisbon) directed by Bille August. ‘A Tempestade da Terra’ (Earth Storm) directed by
Fernando D’Almedia e Silva; ‘Sem Sombra de Pecado’ (No Trace of Sin) directed by
Jose Fonseca e Costa; ‘Cara a Cara’ (Face to Face) directed by Margarida Leitao; ‘John
From’ directed by Joao Nicolau; and lastly ‘A Ilha dos Caes’ (The Island of Dogs)
Director- Jorge Antonio); All the movies will be presented with English subtitles.

Like the earlier editions of Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguese (Goa), this year too willComboio Noturno Para Lisboa (Night Train To Lisbon)see a celebration of Indian and Portuguese culture including cinema, music, cuisine,
films and more. The annual event is an effort to celebrate and appreciate the rich cultural flavors of the two nations.
Continuing with the celebrations, the Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguesa (Goa) will
host the fado singing competition on the 10th of November at Institute Menezes
Braganza hall. Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguesa (Goa) have also partnered with
Fundação Oriente who are hosting the popular musical event ‘Vem Cantar’ and a Goan
short story competition.