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Amidst the dynamic, and to some extent debated situation of economies across the globe, Goa Institute of Management (GIM), is organizing a conference on applied economics and finance from 16th to 18th December at its campus in Sankhali. In the three-day conference, there will be professors and research scholars from across the country, presenting their research in the area of economics and finance.

The event will also have the attendance of eminent professors; Dr. Babu Nahata, and Dr. Romar Correa as keynote speakers. Dr. Nahata is a Professor of Economics at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has also been teaching at various countries across the globe. His academic research has been funded by the Japan Foundation, the Japan Society for Promotion of Science, the Soros Foundation, the World Bank, and the University of Louisville, among many others. Dr. Romar Correa, retired as RBI Professor of Monetary Economics at the University of Mumbai. He also held the position of Director of the Department of Economics at the University from 2005 to 2008. He has done extensive research in micro and macro-economics and has published several papers in this area.

The workshop to be held on the first day, will discuss about the best practices in the academic publication process, with a focus on advanced econometrics research. Attendees will learn about theory and applications of the latest techniques in the area of time series and panel data econometrics. Following the workshop in the next two days, nearly forty select participants will present their research on the interconnected fields of applied economics and finance.

The endeavor of the conference is to provide academicians and practitioners with a platform to share ideas, and to devise effective and sustainable policies to overcome difficult and volatile phases of economic and financial conditions in a country.