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India, the world’s largest democracy and among the fastest growing economies has a commitment to education that is dated in centuries and its culture of strong family and community ties constitutes a heritage of social awareness and dedication. Carrying forward this legacy, the students at Goa Institute of Management organized Drishtaanth, a unique event designed for the students of the Senior Secondary Schools in Sanquelim to sensitize them about the career opportunities in the current scenario and the road ahead.

On this occasion the invited Chief Guests were Rita D’Sa, Member of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Milind Relekar, Municipal Councilor of Sanquelim.  Rita D,Sa enlightened the students about viable career opportunities and the industrial training institutes and polytechnic colleges in Goa. Some unconventional courses such as defense, music and art were also discussed along with their future scope. The session was followed by a collage making competition on the theme ‘My Future’ and a small clay modelling exercise for a little recreation and fun. The event saw a participation of more than 100 students from the two senior secondary schools in Sanquelim, Dhyanjyoti and Ganesh Vidyalaya.

Speaking on the occasion, Rita D’Sa, Member of JCI said “It was a great initiative by GIM to provide an opportunity of learning to these students who are largely neglected by the society.”

 Nima Kalpe, Teacher, Ganesh Vidayalalya added “As these school children would soon be embarking on their respective career paths, this event would definitely go a long way in helping them make the correct career choice. Through their creativity, our students have proven that children from rural background, despite their limited resources, are no less talented than the privileged class. ”

 Uday Kudalkar, Principal, Dyanjyoti School, shared similar emotions “Events like these help students inculcate confidence and would make them more responsible towards their life and future.”

This event was conducted by Samarthan, a student initiative under the newly established ‘Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action’ at GIM to promote the culture of being socially responsible with the spirit of community well-being and came to an end with Dr. Sunil Rai, Director, GIM, awarding prize to the winners of the competitions.