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Goa based civil engineering startup Consstruct is looking to add a significant number of members to its growing team of civil engineers. The startup has made several offers to fresh graduates of civil engineering from Goa Engineering College and Don Bosco College of Engineering during the recently concluded placement season. 

Consstruct’s team of civil engineers evaluate, assess  and generate reports on civil engineering projects based in the US and the European region – all while working out of their homes right here in Goa explains Rhys Pereira, Project Manager at the Goan startup.

Explained Rhys Pereira, “At Consstruct we are looking to hire some of the best talent in the civil engineering field which passes out from the premier engineering institutes of the state. This placement season we added significantly to our pool of resources and look to double the team over the months ahead.”

While real estate companies are the first to make offers to civil engineers, this academic year we have been pleasantly surprised to see the range of offers made to students. The students are especially keen to work within the robust startup ecosystem, said Avila Naik, Assistant Professor at Don Bosco College of Engineering.

At Consstruct, work culture and equal opportunity are paramount, explains Rhys. “The company which blends technology and AI into civil construction projects is focused and driven to expand its services to new destinations across US, Europe and Scandinavia. The talent however will continue to be employed in Goa which offers skilled talent”, he added. 

The business not only deals with transfiguration and highway engineering but also provides consulting services to offshore companies in the United States of America and European countries.