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It’s not only fresh graduates who are eager to arm themselves with an MBA degree. Going by the Goa Institute of Management’s records, a number of working professionals including corporate employees, entrepreneurs and government officials from Goa head back to the classroom each year. The country’s premier AICTE approved B-school Goa Institute of Management (GIM) conducts a three year part time PGDM – PT (Executive ­­­­­­­­MBA) programme. This year GIM has designed the curriculum with a renewed focus on entrepreneurship and family owned businesses in an effort to help them upscale their business within a limited time frame.

Said Mr. P.F.X. D’Lima, Director, GIM, “GIM is committed to the task of providing the industry and society with excellent manpower developed in Goa itself. This year we have designed our PGDM-PT curriculum in a way in which it lays greater emphasis on entrepreneurship, SMEs and family owned businesses in an attempt to aid Goan businesses to upscale and grow. Goa has a healthy business environment, offers excellence in various fields and produces talented resources. Yet, most Goan businesses are unable to grow in scale. That’s where GIM will provide support to bridge the gap.”

He added, “Our Entrepreneurship Development Cell will work closely with students to guide them at each stage. It’s important for the state that human resource quality improves so that industry is able to meet the adequate requirement of trained professionals from within Goa itself.”

Every year GIM sees a number of senior professionals from the public as well as private sector join up for the course. Eminent past students of the PGDM-PT programme include Dr. V.N. Jindal, Dean, Goa Medical College;Swapnil Naik, Director Information and Publicity, Atmaram Deshpande, Principal, Police Training School, Nikhil Desai, Director Tourism, Radhika Naik, Principal, Dempo College and Ronnie Martins of Mum’s Kitchen among others. Said Prof.V.S. Sukhathankar, Part-Time Program Coordinator, “Past students of the PGDM-PT include prominent professionals from the state. We are extremely proud to have professionals be part of our programme who have shown commitment and dedication to academics while also working towards enhancing their management skills”    

While the core faculty members with their strong credentials strive towards innovative teaching – learning techniques, the visiting faculty members drawn from the industry and leading MBA colleges ensure that the course is in sync with latest industry requirements. Visits to industries in Goa and neighboring states are planned to bring in greater industry exposure.The PGDM-PT course is conducted at the Ribandar campus of GIM over the weekends which makes it convenient for working professionals to attend.

Said Mr. P.F.X. D’Lima, “Our objective at GIM is not only to offer a degree, but to also help students to be able to make a positive change in their work place. The three year part–time executive MBA programme. open to professionals with work experience and working individuals from various spheres aims to do just that. GIM is one of the best B – schools of the country and we offer the very best to our students. We plan to allot our best faculty for the conduct of this course”

GIM has recently announced admissions to its part time executive MBA programme PGDM-PT for working professionally. Admissions are open till 31st May 2014. For more information on the course and admissions visit the college website at