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The fifth edition of the Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2020 commenced with the veteran’s category at the blue courts of the Clube Tennis de Gaspar Dias, Miramar, Goa. The state level tournament started with the doubles pairing of Anirudh Kore and Vijay Mangaonkar taking on Swapnil B and Anupam Raja in the 90+ category. Anirudh Kore and Vijay Mangaonkar won the game comfortably 6-3. On their way to the quarter finals Vinayak Gujarati and Bhushan won against Raghu Merwade and GK Thadi with a scoreline 6-0. In the Men’s Veteran 55+ category, Bhushan Akut defeated Vijay Desai with a scoreline 6-0. Other winners on the day were Pradeesh Saxena and Kiran Vyas against Vishwanath Hiremath and Kuragodi Veerna with a score 6-2 followed by Rajaram Kundaikar and Sadguru against Amol Atigre and Sachin Gandhi with a score 6-1

Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2020 commenced with over 250 entries coming in across sixteen categories. The tournament is being organized by Clube Tennis de Gaspar Dias, Goa’s first tennis club in partnership with Goa State Tennis Association (GSTA) and Gadre Premium Seafood.

Gadre Gaspar Dias Open has been an annual fixture on the state’s tennis calendar. Spread over nine days, matches are scheduled between 7.00am and 10.00pm in the evening. The veteran’s finals will be on the 26th of January. The open and junior categories will conclude on 2nd February 2020.

The tournament matches are open to spectators and tennis fans. The organizers have created an exciting atmosphere for spectators and audiences with music and snack stalls on the sidelines of the blue tennis courts. 

Day one results:

Category Players 1 Player 2 Score
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Anirudh Kore V. Mangaonkar Swapnil Bugde Anupam Raja 6-3
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Dr. Narendra Anil Karande Santanu Nandi Mahesh Barve   4-6
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age)   Vishwanath Hiremath Kuragodi Veerna Pradeesh Saxena Kiran Vyas 2-6
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Amol Atigre Sachin Gandhi Rajaram Kundaikar Sadguru 1-6
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Suhel Ved Preetkumar Rajashekar 6-2
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Vipin Manish Mantesh Mokashi 7-5
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Dr. Deepak Shetye Floyd Sanadi Majid M. Rajendra 6-3
Men’s Veteran 90+ (combined age) Ashraf Adeep Anand Bhaskar Natraj 6-4
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Anand Rao Ashrat 3-6
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Ved Nirwani 2-6
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) R. Sawant Pradeesh Saxena 6-7 (5-7)
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Sameer Kakodkar Dr.Narendra 0-6
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Manoj Shah Rahul Bhoi 6-3
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Karan Singh Atul Ranade 6-1
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Roy Capt. Premanand 6-1
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Kiran V. Ajit P. 6-0
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Vipin Anirudha 6-0
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Pavansingh Mokashi Laxman Autade 6-2
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Alok Mishra Swapnil Bugde 6-1
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Noel Noronha Ram Belliappa 0-6
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Pralay Bakshi Rajeev Mane 6-3
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Prabhakar Kagineli Anand (Belagavi) 4-6
Men’s Veteran 45+ (Singles) Rohan M. Rahul Gandhi 3-6