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This carnaval, the historic Garcia de Orta garden will turn be transformed into a zone of fun and merriment. Carnival festivities at the Samba Square at Garcia de Orta will come alive with a host of activities and entertainment all through the 5 day gala event

Music by the Brass Band, sisters Nez and Nekka, popular bands Alcatraaz, A26, Blue waves, Cascades, L’ace and Purple Rain are few of the names, which are all set to rock the audience at Garcia de Orta. The evenings will also feature popular Goan voices like Sonia Sirsat, George, Colin D’Cruz, Young Chico, Queeny and Melwyn of Kingfisher Voice of Goa fame among others.

Power packed dance performances by Jason and Slviya, Presley and Snaden Shawn are all set to set bring alive the gardens in true spirit of carnival with samba and salsa performances.

In addition to the dance and music, Garcia de Orta garden will a host of activities and contests planned for children at the especially created kids and gaming zones, all through the 5 day gala event. Additonaly, a three day Khel Tiatr festival will be held at the Open Air Theatre at Kala Academy. Tiatrs ‘Honi Ani Nam’ by Agostinho, ‘Tumchinch Bhurgim’ and ‘Waiter’ by Roseferns will be staged on 10th, 11th, and 12th respectively.

Samba Square is organized by The Panjim Carnaval Committee along with the citizens of Panjim at Garcia de Orta. Entry is open to all. The carnival celebrations are supported by Ashok  Beleza, Mercedes Benz and Kingfisher among others.