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Recently a leap forward was taken as the first stitchless knee replacement surgery was performed  in the state of Goa. While stitchless procedures have happened in the past this was a first in the orthopaedic department. Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar, Head of Orthopaedic Department at Healthway Hospital and his team successfully executed a knee replacement surgery on a 70-year-old female. With the success of this procedure, patients undergoing knee replacement surgery in the future can now look forward to rapid recovery and scar-free results.

“With this scientific advancement, no stitch is done on the outer skin; all that is visible is the incision line of the surgery. Dermabond from Ethicon is chemically similar to a cyanoacrylate adhesive but is safe for humans and is used to seal the wound. This method replaces the regular stitches or skin staples which usually need to be removed in 10-12 days, taken care of and often leave behind a scar.” said Dr. Mahendra regarding this procedure.    

Stitchless surgery leads to faster recovery and early discharge of the patient from the hospital. This also prevents irritation of the wound and pus formation. With stitchless surgery, the patient may bathe within a few hours of the surgery, as it is waterproof. Dr. Mahendra emphasized on the benefits of a stitchless surgery saying, “Postoperatively only a cosmetically elegant scar remains, and the patient avoids the pain and fear experienced during stitch removal. Only standard care of the wound is necessary, and removal of the dressing 10-12 days later with no pain involved.”

The goal is to have all surgeries be stitchless in the future, with stitches and staples being done away with entirely. Dr. Mahendra adds, “I had performed this procedure many years ago in America and am glad that the technology is now available to use at this level in Goa.” After a successful surgery, Dr. Mahendra encourages fellow surgeons not to be afraid of new technology, embracing it instead. He also motivates patients to go ahead with this procedure as it is ideal for quick recovery.