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Official membership cards-BRONZE

With the new season just over a month away, FC Goa today launched its official membership programme for fans. The membership programme called ‘Gaur Nation’ offers members a fantastic choice of offerings available with different tiers of membership to suit every need. Additionally, members can receive personalized merchandise, along with season tickets and the opportunity to avail of early bird tickets. All tiers of membership offer fans early access to tickets.

The programme is divided into four distinct tiers – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with each tier offering buyers various offers and merchandise. The Platinum tier which is the highest category awards fans with a membership card and merchandise including silicone bands, luggage tags, keychains, customized polo t-shirts and caps. A platinum member also receives season tickets in the West Upper stand at the member’s enclosure in addition to early access to purchasing an additional three, member enclosure tickets and four general season tickets. A platinum member can also enroll his/her kid(s) as a player escort and will receive an invite to the FC Goa annual awards. A platinum membership can be bought for INR 14,000, exclusive of taxes.

A Gold programme member will receive a personalized welcome kit complete with a gold card, silicone bands, luggage tags, keychains, customized polo t-shirts and caps. They will also receive season tickets in the East Upper stand and will have early access to purchase four additional general season tickets. Both, the platinum and gold members will have an exclusive stadium entry point as well. A gold membership costs INR 9250, exclusive of taxes.

Fans purchasing a Silver membership will receive a personalized kit which includes a silver card, silicone bands, luggage tags and keychains in addition to season tickets in the North and South Upper stands. A silver member also has early access to three additional season tickets. The cost for a silver membership is INR 5000 exclusive of taxes. A Bronze membership includes a personalized kit including a bronze card and silicone bands, luggage tags and keychains. This tier offers the member a 15 day window prior to general tickets going on sale in order to purchase his/her ticket. The cost to avail a bronze membership will be INR 1250 without taxes.

To be part of the FC Goa official Members Club, fans can log on to Come, join the FC Goa family.

Details of the FC Goa memberships below:

  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Welcome letter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Membership Card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Season ticket inclusions West Upper (member’s enclosure) East Upper North/South Upper No
Access to additional season tickets 3 (member’s enclosure) + 4 general season tickets 4 general season tickets 3 general season tickets 3 general season tickets
Silicon band Yes Yes Yes Yes
Luggage tag Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key chain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customised polo
Yes Yes No No
Cap Yes Yes No No
Separate entry gate Yes Yes No No
Match day programme Yes No No No
Sign up kids as player escorts Yes No No No
Seating in member’s enclosure Yes No No No
Invite to awards night Yes No No No
a Price INR 14,000 + tax INR 9,250 + tax INR 5,000 + tax INR 1,250 + tax