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An artist, architect and photographer from Goa currently based in the Emirates, Neil Rodrigues hosted ‘Faces & Places’, a photography exhibition at the Art Gallery at Kala Academy. The inaugural saw a huge gathering of family and friends showing support as Apurva Kulkarni inaugurated the exhibition. Among others present were Sanjeev Sardesai, Remo Fernandes and renowned photographer Hari Menon .The exhibition was part of the World Goa Day 2013 celebrations. The selection for this exhibition was designed to provide a kaleidoscopic view of the artist’s body of work.

All proceeds from prints sold at the exhibition will go directly to the Bom Jesus Home for the Aged, an old aged home in Nachinola which hosts elderly people from all religions and regions. Alternately one can send donation directly to Superior Sr. Rennie who manages the home for the elderly (0832 – 2293319)

Said Remo Fernandes at the exhibition, “Neil has some of the best stage shots of my performances. I’m a big fan of Neil’s work. Added architect Manguesh Prabhugaonkar “Some of the moments captured on film, express sensitive and critical issues that need to be addressed in our Golden Goa. It’s a very good initiative and superb effort.”

With ‘Faces & Places’ Neil Rodrigues gives character to a locality by juxtaposing the portraits of local people to their home environment. In doing so the viewer has the opportunity to experience, through the expressions, the differing influence of their surroundings. Neil’s affinity and ease in engaging and capturing people sets him apart. He is passionate in visually communicating his impressions of people, colour and texture to the world from a new perspective.

An avid photographer with a keen interest in a variety of themes and subjects, Neil has photographed brides, musicians, the slow rural pace as well as urban chaos with the same passion. Above all he is a dreamer of concepts and celebrates his journey on earth with his photography.