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Food of convenience is becoming the norm today with processed fast foods replacing healthy and nutritious food options.

Leading cruise culinary training academy, American College of Culinary & Language Arts (ACCLA) is launching a programme ‘Licence to Cook’ designed especially for students in an effort to educate the youth of today to make knowledgeable decisions about diet, health, nutrition, food safety and smart grocery shopping.

Open to students of higher secondary institutes in the ages group of 14 to 16 years, the

programme will include 15 hours of theory and practical sessions over a period of 5 days which includes learning to prepare a host of dishes.

“Through this programme we aim to make young individuals aware of how healthy food choices can go a long way while also educating them on smart decision-making when it comes to food and nutrition”, explains Parixit Pai Fondekar, Director, ACCLA.

Each session is designed to educate the participant on preparing meal plans, nutritional value of foods, cooking techniques and other culinary skills. Making smart decisions when shopping for foods and adequate hygiene and safety protocols to be maintained while cooking will also be covered”, he added.

The Licence to Cook programme will be conducted over a period of 5 weekdays every week from 15th March to 15th April for age group 16-18 years and thereafter from 16th April to 15th May for age group 14 -16 years.

The course includes theory, practical sessions, demonstrations by professional chefs, face to face sessions and team activities.  

“At ACCLA we believe that healthy food habits, once learned, can be adopted throughout ones lives and will also have a trickledown effect on their families. The earlier we start inculcating these habits in young individuals, the quicker they’re likely to catch on to them,” Parixit concludes.

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