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Goa’s premier lifeguarding organisation, Drishti Marine has expanded their operations in the state and is all set to offer premium ferry services in Goa. Tourists and local residents can now hop onto a 40 seater luxury catamaran and take in the sights and sounds of coastal Goa while they cruise along the sea to their next destination.

The ferry services will be operational in Goa in November 2017.

Drishti Ferry has acquired two luxurious 40-seater, high-speed catamarans which will ferry commuters between designated pick-up points. Designed to provide a smooth and steady ride, the passenger ferries, named Drishti Two and Drishti Three will enable passengers to hitch a ride between Panaji, Baga, Old Goa, Fort Aguada in Sinquerim and Dabolim in comfort, amidst the breath-taking view of the coast. The two passenger ferries will travel within the state daily.

“The luxurious ferries have plush seating, spacious interiors, clean bathrooms, charging points and safety belts. Air conditioned passenger lounge and waiting areas, on-board baggage assistance with free wifi, packaged snacks and beverages will be available on-board. The crew on-board include trained lifeguards who are trained to carry out rescue operations,” G Ravi Shankar, CEO, Drishti Marine said.

The picturesque ferry service is not only an addition of a premium service for tourists and local residents, but as envisioned by the state tourism department also adds to the range of offerings in terms of ‘things to do’ in Goa for the hundreds and thousands of tourists who visit the state.

The website is now live. Tickets towards ferry services can now be booked online through an easy user-friendly process. Tickets can also be purchased at the time of boarding at the ticketing counters at the terminals once operations commence. Fares for the ferry service range from INR 100 for a ride between Old Goa and Panaji to INR 800 for a trip between the Airport Ferry Terminal (AFT) at Baina and Panaji.

The Airport Ferry Terminal is located at Baina beach, Vasco da Gama, and is approximately 5 km from the Goa airport in Dabolim. A free shuttle services will be available between the ferry terminal and the airport for the convenience of passengers arriving at the airport.

The ferries depart and dock at an especially designated terminal in each of the jetty pick-up and drop-off points. The terminals will eventually also have a water sports zone, passenger lounge and a multi-cuisine café. These terminals will be appointed with convenient and accessible ticketing kiosks, waiting areas and jetties.

In phase 1, Drishti Marine will commence operations between the Airport Ferry Terminal (AFT) Vasco, Panaji and Old Goa. Phase 2, which will include Baga and Fort Aguada will commence later this year.

Phase 1: [Ferry Routes: Drishti Two] Will commence in November 2017

Phase 1 Symphony / Drishti Two  
Old Goa Panjim AFT Panjim Old Goa
  Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
  8.00 8.15 8.25 8.55 9.30 10.00 10.10 10.20
  11.30 11.45 11.55 12.25 14.00 14.30 14.40 14.50
  15.30 15.45 15.55 16.25 17.00 17.30 18.15 18.25

* Routes and timings subject to change owing to sea and weather conditions

Drishti Ferry – Fares:

Panjim (Captain of Ports) to Old Goa: INR 100 (non AC) and INR 150 (AC)

Airport Ferry Terminal to Panaji: INR 500 (non AC) and INR 800 (AC)

Old Goa to Airport Ferry Terminal: INR 550 (non AC) and INR 850 (AC)

Phase 2 [Ferry Routes: Drishti Three] Will commence later this year

Phase 2 Victory / Drishti Three
Old Goa Panjim Aguada Baga AFT
  Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Departure
  08:20 08:30 08:40 08:55 9:05        
    09:15 09:25 09:40 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:10 13:45
            14:05 14:15 14:35 15:00
            15:25 15:35 15:55 16:05
            16:30 16:45 17:05 17:15
            17:35 18:15 18:45 18:55
            19:05 19:15 19:35 19:45
    20:15 20:25 19:55 20:05        
    21:30   21:10 21:20 20:45 21:00    

 * Routes and timings subject to change owing to sea and weather conditions