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Drishti Lifesaving, Goa’s state-appointed lifesaving agency recently lost its senior leadership member Prabhakar Nath Pandey. Mr. Pandey suffered a massive cardiac arrest while at his home.

Mr. Pandey was instrumental in building the lifesaving operations from the ground up, in Goa and Mumbai over the last two decades.

In a statement said Drishti Marine, “With a very heavy heart we face the passing of our beloved member of the Drishti family Prabhakar Nath Pandey who has lead the lifesaving force across Goa and Mumbai. Pandey has been a mentor to every lifesaver and an inspiration to the company. Pandey considered himself a lifesaver first beyond any other operational and leadership role. The world is a better and safer place thanks to his efforts.”

The sudden loss has come as a shock to the Drishti family.