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In a double rescue,  two male tourists aged 24 and 27, were rescued earlier today at Vagator beach by Drishti lifeguards Sachin Naik, Rudresh Mahale and Vijay Parab.

At 14.55 hrs earlier today at Vagator, two male tourists entered the waters for a swim. The lifeguard on duty requested the visitors to retreat back and return back to shore as the sea conditions were rough. Vagator also has a presence of rocks along the beach stretch which makes it tricky for rescues. The visitors refused to retreat back to safety, hence the lifeguard stayed on guard close to the duo.

Eventually the tourists ventured deeper into the sea and was suddenly met with a dip and an oncoming wave which knocked the duo off their feet. A rip current pulled the two further into the sea. Sensing danger, the alert lifeguard called for backup over the radio and two lifeguards rushed into the waters with a rescue tube and board.

The lifeguards reached the duo, secured them and brought them to shore. Both were placed in the recovery position as they were facing breading difficulty. One of the victims had swallowed large amounts of water. The lifeguards helped him to expel the water and oxygen was administer immediately. The lifeguards stayed with the two males till they calmed down and recovered.

The tourists are presently staying at Siolim.