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Dr. V. N. Jindal , Dean, Goa Medical College inaugurating the Blood Donation Drive held at Manipal Hospital, Dona Paula.


Manipal Hospital Goa, a part of one of India’s leading healthcare groups – Manipal Health Enterprises, organized a “Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” to create awareness about the importance of donating blood on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day. The campaign, themed Every Blood Donor is a Hero, was commemorated by Dr. V N Jindal – Dean, Goa Medical College along with senior consultants and the employees of Manipal Hospitals. The campaign witnessed immense support from Staffs and Doctors of Manipal Hospitals Goa, who supported the cause by donating blood.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Jindal, who inaugurated the blood donation camp, said, “It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this noble cause taken up Manipal Hospital Goa. Blood is a vital necessity of all human beings and making a depository of the same is a step taken to save the many lives in times of needs. I thank all the participants who came forward to donate blood and save lives.”

Blood donation is considered essential as blood cannot be artificially made or manufactured. By donating blood the donor helps the hospitals to preserve blood and its components such as platelets, plasma and red blood cells at the blood banks, which can be used at the time of emergency. Those aged between 18 to 60 years are eligible to donate blood, once in three months. The blood collected during the blood donation camps are screened for diseases such as  HIV, diabetes and viral hepatitis which helps the hospitals to select blood through which diseases cannot be transferred to the patients in need.

According to Mr. Karthihaivelan G – Business Head, Manipal Hospital Goa said, “We are indeed proud to conduct this voluntary blood donation camp in the city and taking a step towards supporting a cause that is as important as life. I am grateful to all the blood donors who have come and lived up to this year’s theme of Every Blood Donor is a Hero.”


Myths and Facts about ‘Blood Donation’:

  • ·         Myth – Donating blood frequently can fluctuate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Fact – False. The blood pressure and blood sugar levels do not fluctuate provided the pre-donation values are within normal limits. A diabetic patient on insulin cannot donate blood.

  • ·         Myth – I’m a retired person, but I am healthy to donate blood.

Fact – False. A person above 60 years and below 18 years cannot donate blood.

  • ·         Myth – I can donate blood even if I consume alcohol or smoke regularly.

Fact – False. It is not advisable to consume alcohol a day before donating blood. And abstain from smoking one hour before and after donation.

  • ·         Myth – Frequent visits to the hospital for donating blood will cause infection.

Fact – False. There is no fear of infection due to blood donation.

The World Blood Donor Day campaign at Manipal Hospital Goa was held to salute the many silent and unsung heroes who have contributed for the noble cause by donating the life saving gift, blood. Going by the Manipal Hospital’s ethos of Life’s on, this event was a golden opportunity for the Manipal team to encourage more people to donate blood voluntarily and regularly. They spread the message that donating blood not only makes one a hero by playing a significant role in saving lives but it also provides tremendous health benefits.