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Lost and Found Cocktails Grand Hyatt Goa3

The Monsoons are the perfect time to indulge in a refreshing cocktail on a balmy night to banish away the rainy blues. But before you reach forthat minty mojito or sweet sangria, consider stepping out of your modern-day comfort zone and going back to the drinks from 100 years ago. Conceptualized and crafted by our Mixologist at Capiz Bar – Sudam Biswal, the Lost and Found cocktails are sure to make you feel vintage.

We’re bringing back age-old jewels from a treasure chest of cocktails from the 18th and early 19th century. Sip on some forgotten classics and long lost recipes and savour the flavours of the roots of cocktail making.

Some of the best cocktails that we think about today — the Martini, the Daiquiri, the Manhattan —all came out between the 1860s and the prohibition era. Grand Hyatt Goa would like to take you back in time and create a memorable experience by offering long lost cocktails from the age of bootleggers, moonshine and speak easy bars. Historians have dubbed that time span the Golden Age of Cocktails, an era when bartenders got pretty inventive. These bar staples were originally simpler — but perhaps better tasting than the versions today’s cocktail lovers are familiar with.

The cocktail menu is as extensive as it is impressive, serving up drinks as old as 1861. The curated menu includes the Blackthorn Irish, a concoction of whiskey, absinthe, dry vermouth and bitters and the ancient corpse reviver #2 that blends gin, orange liqueurs, Martini Bianco and absinthe. The drink is true to its name as its refreshing nature is bound to perk up all your senses.

Other legendary cocktails on the menu include the El Presidente, Vesper Martini; New York Sour, Mary Pickford and Death in the Afternoon, each of which has an interesting story that has gone down in history.

They say ‘Old is Gold’, we couldn’t agree more! Rediscover a lost era and bask in the vintage glory as you travel back in time with a lost forgotten friend or just relax and drink in the beautiful Goan monsoons.

Where: Capiz Bar | Grand Hyatt Goa

When: 1st June, 2017 onwards

Time: 4:00 PM – late

For more information call +91 832 301 1234 or visit